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Training and Development

Regular Training

Our field Supervisors are provided seminars monthly in Basic Security Supevisory Course, Security Supervisor Development, Professional Conduct, Discipline and Efficiency on duty. Also our guards are subject to continuous service workshops and quarterly seminars along the line and modern security training concerning intelligence, surveillance, basic procedures in case of bomb threat, control measures on the carrying of firearms/deadly weapons in the client premises, handling of strike / lockouts, security procedures for organic personnel/visitors,access to overtime work, visitors access, movement of materials, prohibited items, control of classified documents, parking/vehicles control, general safety and security rules, fires and emergencies, fire prevention strategies, planning, safety, good house keeping, role of the guard in case of fire, typhoons / status, block outs, workplace injury. Seminars also include classes concerning Republic Act No. 5487 or the 2003 Revised Rules and Regulations Implemeting RA No. 5487 as amended.

Communication Improvement

To correct the negative impression on the public created by certain security guards that tend to abuse their authority while on duty. Thus, security guards are trained to improve their speech ability through reading and attendance of communication improvement programs.

Physical Ability

Medical examinations and physical test are performed by our Accredited fitness training instructor Gym and Fitness area to make sure that our detailed supervisors and guards still maintain the capability of pursuing assigned tasks entrusted to them. These must be passed and are essential before they are allowed to assume their respective posts.

Mental and Writing Ability

Each supervisor and guard should be knowledgeable in composing reports, noting down activities and if possible trained in typing or computer operation, etc., as standard operating procedures for recording purposes.

News and Advisory

Security Tips During Sundays, Special, Legal Holidays and Unprotected Days

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