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Security Tips During Sundays, Special, Legal Holidays and Unprotected Days

We wish to emphasize always that we need your utmost cooperation to ensure the safety and security of office and plant rather an establishment/ or residence to which we envite your attention to the following measures to wit;

  1. Be sure to LOCK your individual and company lockers, tables, drawers, storage/or warehouse doors, roll up doors of establishment, residence and any related matters pertaining to security device before departing or leaving the premises.

  2. Do NOT LEAVE your valuable items and large sum money inside your drawers, and lockers unlock. Keep valuable items in secure/lock drawer / locker and deposit cash money in bank.

  3. CHECK all borrowed items and take note of the borrower’s name and the date the item was borrowed. Likewise, remind borrower of his / her responsibility on said items.

  4. CONDUCT a general visual inventory of equipment, tools, appliance and personal effects before before leaving the premises.

  5. RETURN AND CLEAR with accountable person or personnel the items being borrowed which will not be needed during these days.

  6. NOTIFY THE SECURITY / PERSON RESPONSIBLE regarding important items, documents, unfinished chores that will be left behind the premises, and the expected items, documents and unfinished chores that may be delivered or acted upon during these holidays / unprotected days starting therein, and the actions to be undertaken by the security guards and person accountable.

  7. SECURE all inflammable liquids and electrical connections including air conditioning units, appliances, etc., to eliminate fire hazards.

  8. ENSURE that all perishable items are properly attended and cleared before leaving the premises to avoid unpleasant condition.

  9. SUBMIT/DOCUMENT list of accountable person, employes, contractors authorized to work or attend unfinished chores or render extra hours during these days.

  10. DESIGNATE/APPOINT decision maker and leave telephone/cell phone numbers or any communication that could get in touch with for immediate connection with person accountable/security guards in case any related eventuality/emergency arises.

  11. NOTIFY the person you designate and the responsible Security Supervisor/Officer at the earliest time possible of any loss of properties or unusual event you may notice.

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Security Tips During Sundays, Special, Legal Holidays and Unprotected Days

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