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Management and Supervision


The Knights of Corps Security Agency, Inc. will strive to provide prospective / current clients of its required Security Services and the Guards to be assigned are Security Professional who have undergone the necessary schooling and training, which made them physically and mentally alert to readily address the demands of a given situation. With the peace and order situation prevailing in country today, coupled with the unrest in the labor sector, the critical nature of the areas and the structural design of the facilities, the Security Agency in coordination with management should see to it that access of personnel to the complex, movement of vehicles, pedestrians and materials should be strictly controlled through implementing guidelines, policies and procedures on security matters which should cover almost every aspect of the complex.

Close Supervision

A specific Security Officer professional will be assigned to service the client. This Officer or Supervisor will constantly coordinate with the Agency Operation Officer / Manager regarding current client stature and development and will have the operational responsibility to ensure the following procedures;

  1. On-going unscheduled Officer/or Supervisor check to ensure grooming and excellent uniform/physical appearance.
  2. Adherence to job details and performance of duties.
  3. On-going Management and staff visitation with a designated contact to discern any new instruction or any observation that may aid security
  4. Twenty-four (24) hours accessibility to additional services.
  5. Written reports of any significant incidents are brought to the attention of Management and / or used as record evidence in criminal prosecution.
  6. Immediate attention and response by Management to any Security problems.

Our organic Security Officers and Field Supervisors are issued sufficient firearms and other standard equipment as prescribed by PNP-SOSIA. Handheld two-way radios and cellular phones are also standard equipment in our Roving Officers or Inspectors to keep in constant coordination with the whole security operations force for swift action in every contingency. Inspection of our Shift-In-Charge / Guards in the field is being done twenty-four (24) hours round the clock to ensure that they are on their toes within the duration of their duties.

Client and Agency Relationship

A specific Security Officer professional SECURITY is also about Trust. We maintain high standards of discipline and dedication to our Client’s trust and confidence confided upon us which we treat as solemn responsibility to be upheld all the time by providing Supervisors and Guards with extra ordinary capabilities to protect lives and properties, and with untiring loyalty and honesty to their given task.

Recruitment and Selection

We believe that the most effective tools available in employee and /or guard selection process is “the application form and the personal interview” followed by the applicants character references and the criminal records inquiries, the background checks and lifestyle investigation and the polygraph and the voice stress analysis. That is why test/screening and initial interview of our guard applicants is rigidly done prior to employment and assignment in order to meet the desired level of our client’s expectations. The goal of all recruiting and vetting activities is to hire individual who possess the qualifications and the motivation to accept and perform the mental and physical tasks required by their work. The KNIGHTS OF CORPS SECURITY AGENCY, INC. seek individual whose conduct, appearance, competence and integrity is beyond reproach. Each one undergoes a thorough and rigid oral and written test, and background check to determine their level of competence as well as physical and psychological fitness which are all developed by our own licensed Certified Security Management Specialists. We have our exclusive accredited Neurological/Psychological Testing Center as well as an accredited Drug Testing Center to ensure psychological stability of each applicant before hiring. All qualified and licensed Security Guard applicants are still required to undergo at least three (3) days of re-training courses to keep abreast of latest security advancements to uphold the company mission and vision of Total Customer Satisfaction.

Qualifications of Security Guards

We ensure that only qualified Security Personnel will be assigned to our Client to pledge a quality service that can not be matched, we require our guards to possess the following basic qualifications prior to actual posting;

  • Must have undergone Basic Security Guard Training and In-Service Re-Training Course (BSGT/ISRT), Licensed by PNP-SOSIA and had passed Physical, Mental and Prohibited Drug Testing Procedures.
  • At least 5’5” in height for male and 5’2” for female with with proper built and confidence.
  • Have Physical and Actual Training on Crime Detection and Prevention, Firearms Nomenclature / Proficiency and Explosives Detection / Prevention Courses.
  • Preferably a college level / or graduate, high school graduate with equivalent training and experience.
  • Have passed background Investigation Procedures of the Agency.
  • Complete with basic credentials and cleared by the Police, NBI Mayor and Court.

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