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Who you are and how do you operate?

The Knights of Corps Security Agency Incorporated, (KC SAI) was acquired and organized as a Private Security Agency (PSA) sometimes in March 1995. The organization of this corporation are composed of civilian, young professional security managers, officers, supervisors and staff. Starting from its Chairman of the Board down to Directors and Division Heads the position were occupied purely by civilian with scientific and vast experienced in Security Professional Management.

This Agency maintains pool of Security Officers and Consultants with a combination in Military, Police, Commerce/Engineering with background /experienced in VIP Close Escort Protection, Defensive/Evasive Driving, Surveillance / Counter Surveilllance, Bomb Threat Assessment, Cover and Evacuate, Proficient in Unarmed Combat, Firearms Handling, First Aid, Profiling, Threat Assessment, Process and Flow of Inventory / Delivery of Materials, Make Plans and Drawing of Perimeter Fence, Tower and Guardhouse.

The Knight of Corps Security Agency, Inc. has the capability to cover or meet the minimum requirements on work performance in a duty station. At present, we are maintaining twelve (12) hours tour of duty in our duty stations rather deploy two (2) Security Guards for twenty four (24) hours tour of duty. This starts from 0600HR to 1800HR and from 1800HR to 0600HR for twelve (12) hours duty six (6) days a week with one (1) day rest that substituted by our rest day reliever. However, we can make the necessary adjustment on the time schedule depending on the requirement of the CLIENT.

This follows by prior to posting the Knights of Corps Security Agency, Inc. conducts a minimum of one (1) week Pre-Posting Seminar discussing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and instructions from the prospective clients. This is our way of checking the physical preparedness of the detailed guards and who should be equipped with the following;

  • Duty Detail Order (DDO)/Assignment Order
  • Complete Uniform
    • Medical Kit
    • Complete Paraphernalia such as; whistle, night stick, flash light, two (2) way radio, firearms license and reflectorized traffic vest
  • Valid PNP SOSIA Security License
  • Hand Held Radios and Cellular phones for an effective communication system

The Security Guards are properly oriented according to the program of the Agency and what is being required by the Client. They are instructed to provide courtesy and cordial relations with the Client’s Employees, Customer and Visitors. A pool of relievers are maintained in order to ensure that all posts are provided with Security Guards all the time.

How do I make sure to glimpse if the Knights of Corps Security Agency, Inc. is a License Agency?

By way of Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators (PADPAO) Inc. with website (URL) you can make sure that Knights of Corps Security Agency, Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured to operate in several jurisdiction with Regular License to Operate No. PSA-900445-2009 renewable every two years. PADPAO is the governing agency that is responsible for the administration and enforcement of Security Services under the auspices of Philippine National Police (PNP), with the Civil Security Group (CSG) and the SOSIA at the forefront.

How do I get intouch rather contact Knights of Corps Security Agency, Inc?

Link to contact us click here.

How do you address Client needs and concern?

If at any instant you have query or worry concerning some portion of our service, the team of managers will visit your office to discuss your concerns and evaluate, prepare a comprehensive report about how to properly attend your problems at our headquarter within twenty four (24) hours.

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